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Braces are some of the commonest forms of orthodontic treatment available, and they have been found to be very effective. However, braces come in different types, and the most popular category is known as invisible braces. These are modern braces that are made of clear materials that can’t be easily noticed. Thus one is able to straighten their teeth without attracting much attention.

In this article, we’ll discuss Incognito braces vs. Invisalign. These two belong to the category of invisible braces; they have both differences and similarities.


Similarities between incognito and invisalign braces;

  • Both of these braces are made of clear like material that makes them almost invisible.
  • Both have been found to be very effective in helping straighten teeth.
  • In both incognito and invisalign braces, one will need to visit the orthodontist regularly for checkups.
  • Incognito braces and invisalign braces are both removable after a period of time, depending on the length of the treatment period.


Major differences between the two;

  • The major difference between incognito braces and invisalign braces is that the former is inserted at the back of the teeth, while the latter is inserted on the outer side of teeth.
  • Inserting incognito braces is usually more complex, and requires a very qualified orthodontist. The brackets used are glued to the sides of the tongue, which means that the process is a delicate one.
  • As for invisalign braces, the process of insertion is less complex as the clear looking aligners are just inserted above your teeth.
  • In terms or post insertion care, incognito braces will require more personalized care compared to invisalign. The cleaning of teeth with aligners on the inner side of the teeth is always going to be tricky and slow.
  • When it comes to effectiveness, incognito braces stay longer before any changes are noticeable, unlike in invisalign aligners that are a bit faster I yielding results.

Good dental hygiene;

Regardless of the braces you go for, you’ll still need to exercise good dental hygiene while recovering. Often, the best orthodontist London will advise you on the foods and drinks to take or avoid, how to clean your teeth and braces, so on so forth.


Incognito braces and invisalign braces for adults are very common; they are effective in both children and adults. They are closely related, although they have some significant differences.  Your orthodontist is best placed to advice you on which of the two is the best option for you.

Dental-careThe only time you hear most people talking of dentists is when they have an aching tooth that needs to be removed, or filled. To others, dental care is all about brushing their teeth 2 or 3 times daily. However, there is more to dental care than just an aching tooth, or brushing often. Indeed, the condition of your teeth will greatly determine how good your smile is. Thus when you take good care of your teeth, you enhance and improve the quality of your smile. Below are some things you can do to enhance your smile, and all are simple dental care practices that you can manage;

  • Brush often; dentists recommend that one should brush at least 2 times a day, especially after each meal. Brushing helps remove and dislodge foods that would later cause rotting of the teeth, not to mention the foul breath that would follow.
  • Flossing; flossing involves using a thread or string to remove food particles in between your teeth. Flossing helps reach where a toothbrush wouldn’t access, and remove any particles lodged in there.
  • Bad habits; habits like smoking have been known to cause staining and rotting of teeth. There are both the perfect recipes for a bad smile! One should thus strive to keep off from such.
  • Sugary foods; sugary foods are the worst culprits when it comes to tooth decay. When sugar particles get lodged in your teeth, they initiate decay that may ultimately lead to uprooting.
  • Orthodontic treatment; unlike dental treatment that often has to do with a tooth that requires replacement or filling, orthodontic treatment can help straighten protruding teeth. Orthodontic treatment is a perfect way to improve the smile of anyone with a dentofacial condition like crowded teeth, spaced teeth, and so on so forth.


Your dental health is your wealth, guard it jealously! Make use of the above tips to ensure that your teeth are always white and sparkling.

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Having dental issues can seriously limit your social life. When your dental health is wanting, you do not smile or laugh while others enjoy the beauty of life. Nothing is worth that kind of punishment. Therefore, it is important to take care of your dental health by observing all the dental hygiene rules provided. By taking good care of your health, you ensure the good health of your teeth. When your teeth are healthy, so is your smile.

There are very many ways in which you can improve your smile with dental care. Some of these ways include;

  1. Cleaning teeth

It is advised by dental specialists that we should clean our teeth at least three times a day or after every meal. This ensures that all bacteria induced in the mouth by food is cleaned away afterwards. When doing this regularly, you are sure to have a beautiful smile.

  1. Avoid sugary food

Sugary food is the number one enemy to a beautiful smile. This is because with sweet sugary food comes all the dental ailments because of bacteria. If you stay away from these kinds of food then you are assured of a beautiful smile for a long time to come.

  • Eat healthy

When you eat healthy food, your teeth grow stronger. This will help them to avoid all forms of dental ailments. When this happens, you run around confident knowing that your dental health is in top shape.


All the aforementioned strategies work very efficiently in maintaining and improving smiles. Your smile is directly proportional to your dental health. Therefore, Guard it with all that you have.


Your dental health is as radiant as your smile. They are both important in life for nothing was made in vain. For more information on this and more, contact the best dental specialists through their website. Regain you smile and confidence today.