Best Selling Headphone Brands In UK which wont effect your Ears

Most milenials may not recall this, but most UK residents grew up relying on Sony WalkMan to carry music and listen to it while on the go. Fast forward and today sites like Sportify, Apple Music, You Tube, Tidal, even Netflix; today you can listen to music and watch any videos anywhere. Having a good set of headphones is a huge plus. Unlike the tiny ear buds with terrible sounds, all in the name of earphones, headphones will bring music to life and especially enhance the bass. The best selling headphone brands in the UK are all renowned brands. Some are popular for their affordability and others for the superior sound quality they’ll accord you. Indeed, you can get a pair of headphones in the UK for as little as £20 while others will cost you £2000 plus. Have a look below at some of the best selling brands;

  1.  Bose QC35 II; if you know a thing or two about headphones, you’ll realize that Boss is a reputable brand and their QC35 II series doesn’t disappoint. You’ll find it in most UK music shops, famed because it is all rounded and offers unrivaled sound quality, with a stylish design. It’s also durable and you can get it for around £251 or there around.
  2. Sony WF-1000X; Sony is also king in the world of Headphones and this model is popular across the UK.  Someone riding in the subway or in a bus, someone working out in the gym; all these would rather have some lightweight, small headphones and this is what the WF-1000X offers.  The sound quality is equally good and it is worth every coin you spend on it.headphone brands in uk
  3. Denon AH-MM400; Denon AH-MM400 is a fantastic pair of headphones, it stands out like a sore thumb thanks to its eye catching, walnut-like wooden design. There may be more superior models of Denon but the AH-MM400 doesn’t disappoint. The sound quality is fairly good, they fold easily and you’ll not miss them in most music accessory stores across London and major cities.
  4. Nuraphon; Nura headphones pride themselves of more technological advancements, one of the few headphones that allow you to customize your sound. They have aptX, G2 Software, dual driver set up and can be connected to a variety of devices. is your best path towards buying original, high quality headphones in the UK. By partnering with some of the major stores selling these headphones, you’re able to save up to 10% off anytime you shop for headphones and other technology related gadgets from Deal Vourcherz. Get in touch now for more details.

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