Health Tips

Good health is a treasure. Hold it dearly and do not let it go for anything at all. When you have robust health everything else you pursue in life is meaningless but of course no one wants to hear that. If you want to live a long life, try and preserve your good health. Those that are suffering from one ailment or another understand better the phrase that your health is your wealth. When you are not in good health you lack the grace to enjoy the finer things that life has granted to you.
If you want to live long, observe all of the following;
 Be at peace with yourself because you are your world’s biggest enemy
 Eat a healthy and balanced diet regularly throughout the day
 Exercise regularly
 Drink a lot of water
 Eat plenty of fruits and an assortment of fruits
 Have plenty of rest every night
 Be happy. Smile like your life depends on it which

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